Celebrating Young Children Series

Celebrating Young Children: An Introduction to Early Childhood Education
Katrina A. Korb (2018)

Young children have a remarkable ability to learn. This book is designed to help educators, professionals, and parents understand the developmental characteristics of early childhood and the unique ways that young children learn. With this foundation, early childhood education programs can truly celebrate young children by helping them grow and thrive in all areas of development. This is the first and foundational book in a series about Early Childhood Education.

I strongly believe that this book is what every early childhood educator needs in order to successfully accomplish the goals of early childhood education. It does suggest a paradigm shift in practice and they are clearly explained with examples. Overall, I think this is a book that will change the mindsets of early childhood educators. Eunice Kamna Mancha, Principal of Foundations Academy

Cost: N2,000

Celebrating Young Children: Teaching English in Early Childhood Education: Focus on Reading and Writing
Katrina A. Korb (2018)

Language is an essential foundation for young children's development. This book describes foundational language skills needed to develop successful readers and writers. The developmental sequence for each skill is described, together with teaching practices that nurture each skill. Lesson activity plans are provided for each reading and writing skill that teachers can deliver in the classroom and use as a model for additional lessons.

This is one of the best books I have read about teaching reading and writing to children. The book not only provides wonderful illustrations, but also contains original, practical, and simple guides on how to apply the knowledge contained in it thereof. This book is therefore a must have, a must read and a must use for everyone involved with little children and is passionate about their education. I strongly recommend this book to early childhood educators, teachers, parents, caregivers, ECE students and the general public. Danga, Luka Amos, Ag. Dean, School of Early Childhood Care and Primary Education (ECCE/PED), College of Education, Billiri, Gombe State

Cost: N1,200

Celebrating Young Children: Teaching Mathematics in Early Childhood Education
Katrina A. Korb (Forthcoming, Early 2019)

Celebrating Young Children: Teaching Science in Early Childhood Education
Katrina A. Korb (Forthcoming, Late 2019)

For information or copies of the Celebrating Young Children books, email katrina.korb@gmail.com

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