CED6413 CED 6413
Human Growth and Development

Download the lecture slides by clicking on the links below.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Development

Research Methods in Development

Developmental Theories: General Development

Developmental Theories: Domain Specific


Click on the links for the videos we watched in class on Conception and Conception to birth



Early Childhood

Middle Childhood


Young Adulthood

Middle Adulthood

Old Adulthood

Development Conclusion


Laboratory 1: Kohlberg

Laboratory 1 Phase 2. Due: 26 October

Laboratory 2: Piaget. Due: 19 October

Personal Developmental Event Paper. Due: 19 October

Laboratory 2 Phase 2. Due: 2 November

Hot Topic in Development. Due: 9 November

Developmentally Appropriate Practice Presentation and Paper. Presentation: 16 November. Paper: Examination Time Slot

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