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APA Citation for Newspaper Articles

Citing a newspaper article requires the following pieces of information: author; year, month, and day that the article appeared; the article title; the name of the newspaper; and the page where the article appeared. Newspaper articles follow the typical first elements of a reference: Author. (Date). Title of work. However, the date should include the year followed by a comma, then the month and the date. Just like journal articles, the title of the newspaper article is in plain font. After the article title, write the newspaper name in italics followed by a comma, the letter p. to indicate the page number, and the inclusive page numbers of the article.

The author of this newspaper article is Carmen McCain. The article was written on March 25, 2010. The name of the newspaper article is "Hard times in Kannywood." The newspaper name is Next and the article appears on page 15. The complete reference looks like this:

McCain, C. (2010, March 25). Hard times in Kannywood. Next, p. 15.

Below is another newspaper article.

The complete reference looks like this:

Korb, K. A. (2010, February 3). Crisis of the mind: A Christian perspective. Leadership, p. 11.


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